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Difference of Camlock panel and machine made PU/PIR panel

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When you plan to build a cold room or a freezer room storage .

Please note the difference between camlock and machine made panel when build the cold storage.

Camlock panel is a handmade panel ,material mixed fill in to the two both steel by handmade .it is foamed after fill in both steel space.

also with a lock inside the steel space and foam inside .it is fixed by the foam material .

the size can do customized. it can be use several times .

Machine made panel is produced by the oms panel machine .the belt about 40meters long .all size is same ,especiall the width  is fixed ,but there are several options ,980mm ,930mm ,1130mm etc...

machine made panel is widely used in big cold storage project ,it have the good surface and flat surface .

because it is machine control the quality so the each panel is same .

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