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how much cost to make a cold storage room

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The question of how much cost to make a cold storage room is really difficult to answer. First of all, we must make clear that the frozen room is not a standardized product. Different customers have different requirements. The size and specifications of the frozen library are different, even if the two areas are the same. The library will also vary greatly depending on the actual situation of the site.

     We can Design, Planning, and Builders provide customers with integrated solutions for frozen storage.

Factors affecting the cost of frozen storage:

     1. The surrounding environment of the frozen storage installation area will directly affect the selection and quantity of materials used in the frozen storage.

     2, cold storage insulation materials, different temperature interval types need to use different insulation materials, the thickness of insulation materials, determine the energy-saving type in the later use process.

     3. It is related to the size of the cold storage. The larger the cold storage, the lower the cold storage cost per cubic meter.

     4, there are many cold storage units on the market, the cost of cold storage units is mainly based on the different prices of the brand. Generally, we design scheme utilizes domestic and foreign famous brand refrigeration units, which is cost-effective.

     5. The more cold storage compartments represent the higher the input cost of the cold storage, the more the cold storage compartments of the same volume have more equipment configurations, which directly affects the overall cost of the frozen storage.

     6. The use of cold storage is not the same. The design scheme is different. It needs to be designed according to the use. For example, if chemical raw materials are stored, chemical explosion-proof warehouses should be needed. If it is a hospital cold storage, it should meet the gsp pharmaceutical management quality management standards.

Freezer capacity calculation unit:

     500 - 1000 cubic = 0.40

     1001 - 2000 cubic = 0.50

     2001——10000 cubic=0.55

     10001 - 15000 cubic = 0.60

     Frozen meat = 0.40 tons / cubic

     Frozen fish = 0.47 tons / cubic

     Fresh fruits and vegetables = 0.23 tons / cubic

     Mechanism ice = 0.75 tons / cubic

     Frozen sheep cavity = 0.25 tons / cubic

     Bone-cut meat or by-products = 0.60 tons / cubic

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